# Special Projects

# Mortgages

# Housing

# Real Estate Litigation

# Real Estate Investment Trust

#Acquisition and Development

# Searches and Perfection of Title

# Conducting due diligence on designated properties.

# Drafting, negotiation, and review of real estate documentations.

# Legal advisory services in respect of the sale, acquisition, and leasing of vacant land as well as office, commercial, industrial and residential properties.

# Consultation, creation, and documentation of business entities in connection with real estate ownership and development (corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and joint ventures).

The Real Estate sector of any economy remains the repository of wealth and value creation. Over the years, our real estate group has garnered substantial experience which gives it the capacity to serve an impressive portfolio of financial institutions, Real Estate, and property development companies, as well as individual clients.

The Firm has vast experience in investigating and deducing title; preparation of conveyance documentation, obtaining governmental consents, and registering land instruments. The Real Estate Team has over time engaged and gains substantial experience in the range of transactions such as drafting and negotiating real estate contracts and other conveyance documents, perfecting title to real estate, structuring the financing of complex real estate transactions, including mortgages, ensuring regulatory and permit compliance with pertinent laws and authorizing bodies and executing lease agreements between various entities, to mention but a few.