In recent times, information and communication technologies have continued to provide our present society with a vast array of new communication capabilities. Activities have been increasingly enhanced by access to various and developing technologies. This is a platform that has helped people of diverse backgrounds to explore, analyze, exchange, handle, and present information efficiently through the use of modern technology.

The growth in the Information Communications and Technology (ICT) sector and the drive to globalization have been significant in recent years. Almost every area or sector of the world have been adapted into electronic analysis or practice as no one is willing to be left behind, the sector has been described as the emerging oil industry by world-renowned entrepreneur, Mr. Strive Masiyiwa. In these practice areas, we ensure easy access to the different practices such as; e-banking, e-Governance, e-Learning, e-Trading, e-Registration, e-Payment, e-Commerce, e-Filing, e-Books, e-Conferencing, etc. The importance of Information Communications and Technologies in the business practice is second to none in the present-day global business transactions.  Each and every business organization have set-up platforms and derive means through the Information Communications and Technology to enhance their growth and expand their reach. A good example of this is the banking sector; where there are diverse innovations in ICT to enhance the scope of banking and easy access to various payment and transaction systems and many others.

In Penlit & Greyson, our ICT Group comprises a dynamic team of technology-savvy practitioners who assist the Firm’s clients, to fully maximize the opportunities in the tech space through their extensive training and transactional experience. The team is headed by the Managing Partner, Mr. Caleb Ekene Onwe, Esq, an enthusiastic Technology Legal Practitioner who garnered his rich background in Technology Law. Our team of lawyers have the expertise and wide experience in the sector and has advised top firms in the Information and Technology (IT) sector on the legal issues and regulations in ICT.