Our Intellectual Property Practice works with clients to attain effective protection for their brands, intangible assets, concepts and business operating plans as well intellectual property management of portfolios of clients.

We provide well thought through, practical and commercially sensible legal solutions to clients with respect to their intellectual property and management of clients IPR for economic growth and business expansion.

This entails provision of legal advice on their Intellectual Property (IP) rights in relation to brand names and their usage, creative works and inventions, product development, licensing and exploitation of intellectual property rights and acquisition and transfer of technology.

Our anti-counterfeiting practice involves conducting investigations and working with the relevant agencies of the government to prosecute offenders and remove the offending products from the market.

With our expertise in IP management, we help clients to develop IP strategies that create value and exclusivity in exploiting their IPR.

We also engage in IP search, IP Audit and overall IP policy that brings exponential profit and growth to our clients.

We also advice clients on IP commercialization and exploitation ranging from IP licensing, assignment, conducting of due diligence and enforcement.

We also undertake trademark registration, patent, design and copyright protection for our clients and as well conduct IP watch, prosecution and enforcement for our clients.

It is important to note that in the age of information technology economy, IP is going or is rather already the main driver of the economy and companies with string intellectual property policies will experience more growth and expansion than those with less attention to intellectual property practice and policy.