Penlit and Greyson have a strong belief in a free and just society where everyone is equal notwithstanding their differences in religion, political and economic strata hinged with the unflinching desire to help everyone achieve his/her set goals. We also share the view that accountability in governance and other places of leadership is central to even the development of our society. Thus, enlightened professionals have a duty to hold people in leadership positions accountable for their actions and inaction on behalf of the less informed/masses in our society.

To achieve this, our Public Interest Litigation (PIL) team ably led by the Managing Partner, Mr. Caleb Ekene Onwe, Esq, a passionate and avid human rights activist has contributed by no means to representing prison inmates free of charge in different courts. They have also added their voice in the number of occasions to issues of national importance through interviews, articles publications, and taking up class actions against the government, its agencies, and other corporate bodies/individuals whenever the need arises.

We believe that holding those in authority accountable is a duty we owe to our society as citizens.