Corporate and Commercial Practice

The corporate and commercial law practice of PENLIT & GREYSON has won the respect of clients and practitioners for the quality of its advisory and transaction work. Our team of skilled and experienced lawyers has consistently demonstrated an ability to deliver clear, frank, and timely responses to client’s inquiries. Members of the team also bring a firm grasp of commercial realities to bear in structuring and documenting transactions.

Corporate and Commercial law practice entails every nitty-gritty about corporate transaction and advisory to clients on a wide range of issues and providing a tailored solutions to clients’ needs in daily business engagement and transactions.

Penlit & Greyson corporate and commercial law practice offers a wide range of services, including due diligence and company secretarial services. The firm also has an impressive advisory portfolio traversing such diverse issues as corporate structure, corporate contracts, corporate governance, regulation of corporations, obtaining and renewal of corporate licenses, the organization and mode of subscription of capital in both private and public companies, transferability of shares, the composition of the board, management and administration, labor, compensation, staff welfare, and pension issues and finance.

At Penlit & Greyson’s corporate and commercial practice area, we ensure that clients are given bespoke legal advisory in all kinds of corporate transactions, business engagement, corporate due diligence, secretarial services, etc. We ensure that the best corporate governance standards are complied with and regulatory compliances are promptly complied with in order to obviate regulatory sanctions that could undermine business growth and overall corporate image and rating amongst corporate partners and the general public.